Monitor/Keyboard not work. Comp running [Closed]

 rickster -

I have an HP computer. The computer has 2 hard drives and I'm not sure what all, it was done before we got it. The computer was working fine then one day wasn't. It hasn't been working for awhile now. The computer sounds like it is working. Fans running, lights coming on etc. The keyboard lights would flash for a sec but then go off. The monitor goes to the yellow light. Light in back stays green. I was told I needed to get a video card so family bought one together and same problem persists. Everything seems to be running (even the new card fan) and the CD will open and shut too. but the monitor and keyboard won't and I suppose the mouse isn't working. Iv tried other monitors and unplugging and replugging and all of that..Any suggestions?

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sorry mate sounds like you main board is broken, but strip it down, take out one cable at a time, then switch back on, also check for a loose screw under the mainboard causing a short.

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