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I need some help, I just can't figure the IF formula out. On my Excel 2007 spreadsheet, I am trying to figure out if I put the letter grade of a B in one column and then in another separate column it automatically produces a 3. Also, I need each column to be flexible so that if I get an A in on course, then the corresponding column next to it will produce a 4 in it. I am trying to make a spreadsheet to keep track of my ongoing grades and I am stuck on this step. Thanks for the help in advance.

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in that column where you wants the digits to appear, you need to use this sort of formula

=IF(A1="", "", IF(A1="A", 4, IF(A1="B", 3, IF(A1="C", 2, IF(A1="D", 1, IF(A1="F",0,"Invalid Entry"))))))
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