.exe files wouldn't run

 Jacey -
suddenly today all my programs that use exe files stopped working, none of the usual solutions work as many of them require that i run or download an exe file to fix the problem and everytime I do that I get the following message in a box: Open with: choose the program you wantto use to open this file: File: GameConsole.exe, then it gives me recommended Programs, like: Sims 3, Adobe Reader 9.1, internet explorer and windows media, then it states other programs and offers another drop down menu full of programs that use exe files to operate. Is there anyway to get around this box or to get rid of this box altogether.

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Right Click > start

That works for me, obviously it's still aggravating as i want it to work just by double clicking, but that's the best fix I came up with.
tried right clicking and i still get the choose program i can open iexplorer and microsoft word if i open them a old document or through help screen for explorer.