Win XP Pro, only boots in safe mode now

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Today, my PC is giving some blue screen msgs and will not boot in normal mode. It's done this before but I have no idea what fixed it. I think it fixed itself but I've tried some things and it only boots in safe mode. The blue screen msgs don't help me and I've looked at the logs and seems to be some errors like vga.dll didn't load and DCOM errors and such but in safe mode none of my drivers in hardware tab show to be bad or not enabled.

When I turned my PC off last night, it gave an explorer.exe error. Window popped up and I clicked ok, desktop refreshed and then I was able to turn it off but once I do, then it won't boot normally. I did install some software yesterday but made a system backup of the registry and such b4 doing that and restoring has not fixed the problem. The software is Adobe Encore CS3. It's a DVD authoring software and I wonder if it somehow has screwed up my video card or video card files/settings. ?

I have the windows disk but no idea if that will help me or not. Here is basic info.

Win XP Pro svc pack 3, NVidia GeForce 9600 GT, 4 Gig RAM, 600 Gig HD, ASUS motherboard.

So, if anyone is willing to help me track down this problem, that would be awesome. I can't work on my PC doing sound or graphics like this but I'm not in a position to pay someone to come here and try to fix it.

I've run CCleaner just to fix registry problems and that didn't fix it. Haven't tried to go into bios because I have no idea what to try.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips to help me track this down fast, let me know and thanks! Tell me what info you need from my PC and how to find it, and I'll post it here for you. I have windows xp pro svc pack 3 but no updates for about 2 years. But it's been working fine except it did this about oh 3 months ago and it fixed itself somehow. It also says it has to recover a file from a backup when I do a system restore. Not sure why. I tried restoring also and it did not fix it.

So, I'm in safe mode with networking but i have to get it fixed so help if you can.


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Feb 27, 2010 at 07:16 AM
Hi there,

You will get instructions and more information on the issue from official Microsoft support website here: