Computer shuts down on connecting iPod

Monga - Feb 27, 2010 at 02:26 AM
 Shaniah - Dec 26, 2010 at 01:29 PM
Hi. Everytime, I attach my iPod touch to the computer (Windows XP) at its USB port, my computer shuts down immediately. It doesn't seem to happen if I use the USB port for the camera or other electronic equipment. Any suggestions?


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Hi! This recently happened to me,ugh. I just fixed it today though!
There can be a number of ways to fix this depending on your problem. Let me tell you them:
1. If you have an HP printer, unplug it when you connect your Ipod. HP printers and Ipod's have been known to not work so well together, so just unplug it when plugging in your Ipod.
2. It could be that your drive, (The USB plug where you plug in your Ipod to the computer), could be not up to date. You can easily fix this by going to control panel Hardware and Sound, Scroll down and click Device Manager. If something pops up asking you to continue, click continue. Then a window should pop up with a list of devices in your computer. Double click on disk drives and then a small green arrow will show up in the top bar where the back arrow is. When you move your mouse over it it should say update. Click this and go from there.
3. This is how I fixed mine because, while these may have worked for others, mine was different. So, clicking the start menu, then find Windows Update and click. I pressed check for updates in the left side bar. It will check for updates. You can also view the updates you can choose from. Find the one that talks about updating hardware for new devices or something that talkes about the driver. Click on it and then click the update button. It could take about an hour to update your computer, but when it is finished and your computer is restarted, everything should work out for you.
So I hope this is helpful and works for you. I know how angry it was making me, haha. Good luck!
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Feb 27, 2010 at 04:02 AM
Hi there,

Try connecting with another computer and also connect to another usb port in system,if same issue then your ipod is defective and need to be repaired .

thanx. that works for me
Mine is doing the same thing but only when I am dowloading pictures from my computer onto my Ipod touch. It will dowload all the pictures and as soon as there are about five more to go it shuts down. I dont know why it keeps doing this.