My ipod touch wont turn on

whit-n-nate - Feb 28, 2010 at 03:16 PM
 Tony - Jul 3, 2010 at 11:38 PM
my name is whitney and i have an ipod touch and if have used it alot then one day i turned it off and didnt use it for a while be cause i thought it was dead, so when i went back to use it it wouldnt turn on at all have tried everything. ive push both buttos at the same time, ive tried plugging it in all day and it wont charge it wont do anything at i dont know wut to do, wut should i do? also i bought it from a friend so i dont have a reciept for it or anything and i dont know if they will take it back. i mean i know they just come out not to long ago so i think it still has a warranty on it, but im not sure. should i try to bring it to walmart and see if they will do anything with it? if not wut should i do? please write me back. i really like the ipod, i just wish it would work so i can use it.

thank you so much!!
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Have you tried Whilst holding the home button in (round button at bottom of iPod) press and hold the up volume button (must be the UP volume button which is the top of the two volume buttons) and while holding in both these buttons press and hold the on/off button (on top of iPod touch). Keep all three buttons pressed until you see the Apple logo. This logo will stay on for a minute then everything should be back to normal. You will find that the iPod needs immediate charging. Mine is only a month old and whilst browsing and uploading apps it suddenly died. There was no low battery warning before and the battery level prior to dying as approx. a third. On restart using the above three button method the battery was completely flat! Maybe there is a bug in the iPod touch?? I was very disappointed in what I thought was a quality product.

Tony Australia
I have the same problem. However, I accidently ran right on top of my ipod, while it was in a puddle. It was fine for a while, but a few days later stopped working, wont charge and wont connect. Maybe you also damaged the hardware somehow?
My ipod touch wont turn on.
Wow. You are amazing that was by far the best solution I,ve ever heard.