External hard drive not recignised by pc [Closed]

 macka -
recently my external hard drive decided to hide on my computer and every other pc i tried it on,it will not Auto play nor does it show up in "My Computer",however it is there in Device Manager ,i can't open it from there..
When it first done this it was showing up in "My Computer" but it said do i want to format,i said no as i would have lost all my data....please help...

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The drive might have been disconnected while it was in the process of updating the the data. I suggest you download Partition Wizard and try the Partition Recovery option.


Good Luck
thanx for your reply ,i have just tried what you have suggested and it look's like there is nothing on the drive any more ..i wont format it just yet ,i still belive the data is on there..thank's anyway..


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