Invalid Product Key for MS Suite 2003

 abdullah -
Trying to install MS Suite 2003 to my laptop and continuously receive message that Key Code is invalid. I own the complete set and was the original purchaser (installed on a Dell PC). Can anyone help me? I contacted Microsoft and was advised they could help me for a price.

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Download OpenOffice it can do everything Microsoft Office can and it FREE. Once Microsoft marks your serial number as "USED" you have no choice but to buy a new copy.
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xpcman, I would like to thank you so very much for your help. I took your advice and downloaded OpenOffice. It is great and every bit as good as MS Suite. I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. Now I have a place to go when I have a problem and don't have to feel so intimidated or dumb because I'm not computer savvy. Thanks again for your assistance. Brenda
Yes thank you, I also down loaded - it is fantastic and free of course
A previously forwarded document formatted to a word 2007 version were advised to resend to them with a word 2000-2003 version of the document. could you pls. help me how to do it?
Office 2003 free kye