Computer won't boot at all, but has power

my4bzs - Mar 13, 2010 at 10:15 AM
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PLEASE help me! I have a homemade build my son made with beta version windows 7. I reloaded a version 7 Pro with new key a few days ago. I used it maybe 3 or 4 days. When I returned, computer was asleep and would not wake. I tried to hold the start button in, but it was pretty much dead other than the red power light inside the computer. It is a gamin case, so I can see inside.

So I unplugged the computer. Light went out. I waited and replugged in computer. Red power light came on so I pushed the on button. Both cooling fans started, blue lights flashed like system was booting up for 2 maybe 3 seconds and then it all stops. Red light is always lit, but the system will shut off, fans stop and blue lights go out.

A few seconds later, it takes off and tries again. This happens over and over, but will never beep or boot up. Nothing makes it to the screen. I have no luck pushing any F buttons because it never makes it that far. I am just sick over this. I have a thousand plus dollars in this build, which my son built and is 700 miles away now. I know it isn't the power. I have tried plugging it in different outlets, but since red light is always lit, I see how it could be power since red light never flickers. I thought if the hard drive was bad it would click. I also thought if the memory was bad it wouldn't do anything. I don't have a clue. HELP, please. What could make it shut down that fast over and over?

Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

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Nevermind, after 14 hours of research I fixed my own problem. My Bios was screwed up. Moved pin to reboot spot and back and fired her up to Bios screen.
dude how did you fix it i got to know
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Jul 22, 2010 at 05:14 AM
The processor fan has not been placed correctly!! when the fan is not placed correctly, the Processor Gets heated and it automatically shut down. So you must place correctly the fan. Mine too was like yours. But I've located the problem and fixed it! to place the fan you will need a screwdriver, remove the fan and place it again and it will probably work. I say probably because the problem may not come from the processor. But be careful....There is a thermal paste on the processor, don't remove it. Good Luck ...