Lights dimmed and computer went out!!

Jay - Oct 7, 2008 at 08:04 PM
 Jay - Oct 7, 2008 at 10:14 PM
A few months ago during a storm my computer quit. Wouldnt power up, I tried a new power box and that didnt work. The computer was already 3yrs so I just bought another one. The monitor still worked so when I ordered the computer from Cyberpower, I didnt order a monitor (my first pc was from cyberpower also) When the computer arrived, there was NO WHERE to plug the monitor in! So I took the plug from the old computer and plugged into the new one! that simple?? no plugs wires etc... It worked just fine! Today I noticed the lights dim, they didnt flicker, and only noticed the kitchen lights dim, not the t.v. or anything else EXCEPT the pc went out. been turning on and off since so i'm unsure if the computer itself went out or just the monitor. But now I turn the pc on, it powers up but the monitor light only turns green for a second and flashes "no signal input" then goes off. I've been reading the other comments from those who seem to have the same problem, but i'm not sure if a few things on my end might cause someone to know what my problem is... my computer is only 1 month old, and looking at the invoice it does not state that there is a video card installed, and I installed the plug for the monitor and it works, but i'm not a technical person at all and have no idea if what i did was only a temp thing, should i buy a video card? but common sense says there has to be one in there in order to see anything, that wouldnt have anything to do with just the monitor plug would it? and NO beeps when the computer powers up, I read thats a mobo issue, but hoping with this information someone would hopefully have better news for me...
Thanks so much for any help!
p.s. i'm not a computer genius so please dont use computer jargon :)

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You may have a Video adapter on the motherboard. (Onboard Video) Buying a Video Card will not fix your problem. You may need a new power supply and/or motherboard. Way - Way too many possibility's for a remote fix. You need to find a repair shop. You need to buy a high-end surge protector (not a $10 piece of junk) if this is the 2nd time your PC has been destroyed.
Thank you for your response. If the pc is turning on, would that eliminate needing a new power box? is there any breaker or something that may have tripped that I can reset??? I looked online for the same motherboard and its only $100, why does everyone say if it's the motherboard, it's too expensive to fix, may as well buy a new pc?
And YES you are right, I do need a real surge protector! but if it was that, wouldnt everything else go out too?
I have never seen a breaker on the power supply no simple solution there.
The power supply provides many voltages - the lights and fans may come on and you can still have a power problem with the MB. This is something a repair shop can swap in and out - you would have to buy the parts one at a time in till you have replaced most of the computer. (that's what I did on my first PC build - I needed to add only a case and a power supply and ended-up building two PCs).

Do you hear the hard drive spin-up or does Windows play the Start-Up sound? Start the computer and repeatedly hit the "Delete" key (this might get you into the BIOS). If the BIOS displays you are in much better shape MB wise.

MB (motherboard) replacement is something that is easy after you have done 1 or 2. But, there are just too many pitfalls for the inexperienced. If you want to try this - first get a book something like PC Repair for Dummies if it's still in print.

The cost factor is in needing to pay the repair shop to do the replacement. They may want $200 for that job.
Factor that into the cost of the motherboard and you can see why most people just buy a new one.

Try to find a shop that will do a free estimate or LOW cost estimate for the repair.
After I posted my last response, I just shut it down and turned the monitor off. (i had turned the monitor off previously, but only for a short time) this time I left it off about half hour. I read another guys post of a similar problem, but that it only happens once in a while, so I took a long shot and turned the pc on, waited a minute then turned the monitor on.... IT WORKED!! i'm still in the dark on how to have my desktop come up on start up instead of admin, but was able to log off, and switch users, everything booted as normal, I opened e-mail, and clicked a few things and all is good. I then shut it off until I can get a real surge protector. So am I safe now in the motherboard/power area since it did turn on and all went well? i'm going to assume there is still an issue somewhere since this incident occurred, where should I focus on searching? could this have just been a fluke? maybe just needed a good shut down for a longer period of time since the lights dimmed? should I not even worry about it now? I'm too afraid to start it back up without the proper protection to see if it happens again and am thinking that since it did work, if it does happen again i can still get it to work somehow.
Thank you again for all of your help!!
It may have been the powering up the PC before you turned on the monitor that go you running. If the PC runs I would not worry about it. Now you need to worry about the monitor !!!! Good Luck
phewww, THANK YOU!! sooo good to hear! and if it does happen again, all I needed was an excuse to get a new monitor anyways! :)

Thank you for being there for us!!