The best TikTok LED strip lights

The best TikTok LED strip lights

For all the TikTok lovers out there, you may have heard of something called "TikTok lights" to create the infamous TikTok effect. Read on for our selection of the best options, to help you achieve this super effect for your videos.

What are TikTok lights and where to find them?

TikTok offers users various light-based effects and backgrounds to achieve this look within the app itself, but many users are choosing to opt for the real thing and re-decorating their homes with LED strip lights. A quick search on Amazon will offer up many different options, proving just how popular this trend really is. There are obviously a multitude of ways to install these lights and integrate them into your videos and there are just as many video tutorials with advice on how best to do that. Here’s our selection.

Inspiration videos:

How to cut and connect your lighting strips:

Here we’ve rounded up some of the most popular lighting options to get your TikTok lighting set up just right. A top tip when installing LED strip lights, if you want a coloured glow without being able to see the exposed strip of lights, place them behind furniture or along wall/ceiling mouldings so that only the soft-coloured light is visible.

DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights

Hugely popular amongst TikTok users and a best-seller on Amazon, these light strips offer several important features to help create the desired lighting effects necessary for TikTok challenges and videos and a nice ambiance in general.

  • 32.8ft/10m of flexible LED
  • These lights are ultra-bright and a high quality LED chip makes them durable and energy-friendly
  • The remote supplied with this set of lights can dim the light strip and offers over 44 different colours
  • The lights can be cut and linked to customise your application
  • Very strong self adhesive that can stick to nearly any surface including TVs, cars, walls and more.
daybetter led strip lights
© Daybetter

MINGER LED Strip Lights

An alternative to the first option, these LEDs appear on numerous best-of TikTok lists. Key details of these LEDs are:

  • Different lengths to choose from
  • Easy to manipulate and cut for perfect customisation (can be cut every 3 leds)
  • 1 year warranty
  • DIY colour selection and 16 multicoloured colour changing options included
  • Safe and superior materials used: comprised of double layer copper on PCB to keep the mixed colours more even.

DIODER LED 4-piece light strip set

This is for those of you who want LED lighting effects but maybe without turning your whole room into a neon box. Add a warm lighting vibe by placing these underneath shelving or around window or door frames.

  • Kind on your wallet with a low price point
  • The LED light source in these light strips consume 85% less energy, last up to 20 times longer and emit low-heat
  • You can shift between 7 different colours or select 1 at a time
  • Decent chord length, allowing flexibility of placement

GLOUE Selfie LED Light Ring

This little selfie ring with its mini price-tag, is a great tool to have to illuminate your videos and photos on social platforms. It is dimmable and can be clipped onto practically any device including phones, laptops etc. Reasons why this selfie ring might be for you:

  • It is USB powered and can be recharged on any device that supports a USB port
  • It is super light weight and portable which makes it easy to carry around in a purse or bag for spontaneous use
  • This selfie ring provides super light to enhance and brighten your face for perfect selfies. It has 3 level light settings
  • Universal phone holder compatible with practically every smartphone on the market
selfie ring tiktok
© Gloue

Philips - Hue White & Color Ambiance Go Table Lamp

This lamp is for those amongst you who feel adding LED light strips around your home just isn’t for you, but who would still like some ambiance (and perhaps colourful) lighting. Fill your room with a warm shade of sunset orange, or a cool relaxing blue. Find out what this lamp has to offer:

  • Bluetooth and voice control
  • Energy efficient LED light
  • Sleek modern and minimalist look
  • Over 16 million colours shades to choose from
  • Portable and wireless-change the scene of your videos but maintain the TIkTok lighting you want by bringing the lamp with you!
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