System crashes on start-up: XP

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I've been having a problem where my pc will boot up as far as telling me Windows had a problem starting up and asking me what to do (safe mode, last good config, etc) but whatever I choose, it goes to a black screen and restarts the system again.

If I keep on restarting the system it won't work but sometimes if I leave it a few hours it'll somehow just start up like nothing happened, then I'll have the same problem later. This has been happening more and more frequently and I was wondering what the cause was and what i could do about it?


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could be bad memory or a hard drive that is going bad. Most likely it's the hard drive. Replace the hard drive reload Windows - install the old drive as an aux drive (be sure to change the jumper to "slave") and try to copy your data files from old drive to new drive. The old hard drive should be discarded after you have retrieved your data. It will only continue to get worse until it totally fails.
Hi, Iv'e been having a simular problem with my windows Xp on our Dell desktop, when I go to start and click,it will read windows is starting: please wait and it will never start up. You just see the blue screen with those words. We can't do anything on our computer. Thank you for any ideas!
I have same problem. Installed new hard-drive. Installed WinXP. Asks to update servicepak3 and then crashes back to system 32 error. What shall do?
My pc has a problem. Yesterday, When i're working on my pc power has been gone . When i again start it does'nt work. It is booting after that it gets restart n b4 restart it revers a message that no video signal
Problem solved here. In my case removing one of the two 512 MB sticks of ram allowed me to boot normally. When I removed one it prompted me for a repair disk but when I removed the other I was able to get beyond the windows xp loading screen where it would crash to blue screen and auto restart before.

Before I got to this point I had tried two other hard drives with windows xp which both gave similar results. I also tried to load xp pro. Both would work fine up until windows would try to load. The consistent errors across multiple versions of windows and multiple HD's led me to believe it was a faulty unit of RAM.
what did u do to fix the prob....the same thing is happening to my laptop.
I did a complete Windows re-install. Problem seems fixed for now but I'm going to buy a new hard-drive just incase.!
i have the same problem too, ??

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Hello all, yes i'm facing the same problem on my desktop.
But there are some important documents in the desktop itself so i was wondering is there any way i can retrieve my documents back? even for a temporary moment before the whole comp crashes completely.
Thank you.
Hey, I on't know if you are still having your problem, but if you go to and join up with the trial code DAVE10 you should be able to download it onto the 'bad' computer and then access it from another pc, I'm having the same problem but managed to get online long enough to download it (only takes about 30 seconds) and install it... hope this solves your problem.
Maybe this is to late for you since your post is over a week old.

I would either try booting with a ubuntu live cd, so that you can backup your documents. Or you can remove the harddrive and stick it into a working computer.

good luck.
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i think there may be prob of hard u r saying it appears again after u restart PC..!!
You should defrag and optimize ur hard it may causes system crashes..For this u can use "Advanced System Optimizer" ...its tool named Disk tools enables u in finding hard disk errors, see hard disk information, check hard disk health, analyze hard disk health & Disk Optimizer helps u in Registry fragmentation or hard disk fragmentation..!!

Helps a lot ...try it..!!