Cannot play sims 3 [Closed]

 Tabbybabbyboo -
i just bought the sims 3 2day and i installed it. after that when i pressed play a sign came up that said " device 0 cannot run this title. your video card does not apear to supoort at least shader model 2. please up grad ur card" do u know what that means and where do i get a card from??? if u know the answer could u PLZ HELP ME cause im dying to play it thanxs x

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Dear Sir,

Please check whether this is not a copy version and also check whether the system requirements is being met by your PC through the below method.

Thanks in advance.

That happened to me once and it took ages to fix. I think you had to upgrade your computer to keep up with the sims 3 disc. I dont know what else to do. Hope this helps you!

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