My Sims 3 character is stuck!

 Laura -
HELP! I have been playing Sims 3 for a few months and something like this has never happened...

In my family the wife, Summer, was pregnant. Her husband Jonathon was at work, so I clicked the Go Home button. The wife ran to the hospital and the husband wasn't home or at the hospital. I went to his job place, Hogan's Deep-Fried Diner, and I didn't see him. I zoomed in and he was stuck in the building. When I would try to make him leave, he wouldn't move. He did the thing where something is blocking his way, where he'll shout and wave his arm. I clicked on the sidewalk and clicked "Go Here" and he did it again. Then I clicked on his car and clicked "Go Home" and he still wouldn't move. So his wife had triplets and he was still stuck inside the building.

The next day he was still stuck and he was hungry. I clicked on the diner and said "Eat here..." then "Alone". He still couldn't move, even to eat. He could change his outfit, use his cell phone, read books from his inventory, but nothing more. That day was Summer's birthday. He still couldn't go home. After a night without sleep and over 24 hours without food, he was starving and exhausted. His wife threw a birthday party with Formal attire, so he changed into his tux and tried to go home but he couldn't. So his wife had her birthday and he still couldn't come home.

That was when I paused the game and searched desperately on Google but they only had tips for Sims 2. I
tried the cheat boolProp but that wouldn't work. So I found this and here I am.

Can anybody help me??? His new triplet daughters turn into toddlers in the next Sim day! HELP!

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You just need to reset the character. Control+shift+C then in the purple line at top type in resetSim First name the last name. eg resetSim Johnny Smith. Hope it helps
Thank you

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Well I tried, there is a baby that is stuck under my sims home and they're not in my family. I don' know what to do..
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Thanks for solution.
thank you so much for the solution! my fella was stuck on his way home from work, properly pissed off. now he can eat his grilled cheese in the comfort of his cheaply furnished house
Thank you, i play a little with the level of the ground too