Big Problem in Windows XP Pro

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Ok, First my setup is:
Custom Built :
Asus Motherboard Intel Quad core 2.8 ghz
500 gb HD (partitioned)
4gb of ram
Browsers are google chrome and safari.
I.E. 7 i personally like the browsers I have over I.E. anyway.
Windows XP Pro sp 2
and last, an external 250 gb hard drive.
All used for music production.
Avast Free edition
Spyware doctor (cracked) not gonna lie
Registry Easy
Uni Blue (driver,registry,& speed editions)

The other night as usual, I came home wanted to check mail, etc. & VIOLA! Nothing would open on my desktop,start menu, Nothing! Thankfully I have internet access on my phone so came across the simple way to get around this, (right-click and run as and un-check protect). Thats not good enough!

Last night the good ole' blue screen of death
gave my computer a peep show and I almost had a heart attack. I shut it down, started back up into safe mode via F8, and was back on my desk top and could click on any program almost with no problem. (This was on my f: drive or my secondary hard drive).
I did a scan, came across 2 viruses, deleted them, did a disk clean up for my infected C: DRIVE, used auslogics disk defragmenter.

Imported the Doug Knox (xp_exe_fixer) into the registry via regedit. Said it was successful, which is crap because here I am on the internet typing this post for help all still with the same darn problem.

I cant open my windows search on the start menu to look for anything suspicious, can't open control panel, nothing, and I'm only able to get on here because I have a little tech sav to finagle my way around.

Before I friggin dish out money to some guy to fix this in an hour I wanted to see if anyone here could team up with me and let's Please get this finished. This put such a creative block on me right now and I'm beyond frustration. Yes, it's my fault for doing whatever it is i did going to whatever site it was, and after this is finished i'm taking internet completely off and get a laptop down the road for internet, i have way too many important session & what not to F around with this kind of stuff. I am intermediate when it comes to this stuff so Please----Laymen's Terms. What are we possibly looking at and what can we do before I call someone up? Thank you very much in advance to all. --Joe


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Apr 23, 2010 at 05:27 PM
Hello Joe,

How did you get into this? Your story sounds like a nightmare and as if you are "up shit creek without a paddle".

Without more details about the source of the deadly infection, the only thing I can recommend to you is to manage to downlaod and run Combofix.

To keep your system safe, (understament) you must follow the instructions hereunder to the letter:

1. Download Combofix to your desktop.

2.Close all open Windows including this one.

Close or disable all running Antivirus, Antispyware, and Firewall programs as they may interfere with the proper running of ComboFix.

3. Double click on the ComboFix icon.

Windows is issuing this prompt because ComboFix does not have a digital signature. This is perfectly normal and safe and you can click on the Run button to continue.

4. Accept the disclaimer and the recovery

5.You should now press the Yes button to continue. If at any time during the Recovery Console installation you receive a message stating that it failed to install, please allow ComboFix to continue with the scan of your computer.

ComboFix will disconnect your computer from the Internet, so do not be surprised or concerned if you receive any warnings stating that you are no longer on the Internet. When ComboFix has finished it will automatically restore your Internet connection.

While the program is scanning your computer, it will change your clock format, so do not be concerned when you see this happen. When ComboFix is finished it will restore your clock settings to their previous settings.

If you see your Windows desktop disappear, do not worry. This is normal and ComboFix will restore your desktop before it is finished. Eventually you will see a new screen that states the program is almost finished and telling you the programs log file, or report, will be located at C:\ComboFix.txt.

Once you are done, paste the log here and report to me on how your system is behaving.

Good luck