My keyboard is acting weird.

 gabmed -
It only does it when I'm playing flash games. What happens is that, sometimes, when I press a key, she gets stuck (Knowing that the actualy KEYBOARD KEY doesn't, but the controls do think it's held down), and I normally have to put it in the opposite direction. Example: My up arrow is "held down". I have to press it, and while pressing it, press down, so that the char stays idle again.

I know it ain't the keyboard (Changed keyboard 3 times), so how do I fix it? My PC is a Vista home ultimate 64bit.

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Thank you dist.urbed, but it has been fixed. Turns out all I had to do is switch from IE to Firefox. There's a chance the problem might've been a virus that corrupted either the flash files or the IE files, but anyway, I'm glad it's over.
Thank you

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Dear Gabmed,

Please check whether the problem that you are having is not coming from any virus infection.

Thank you.