Bsnl teracom wireless router configuration...

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Hi, I am receiving many mails requesting help on how to configure the router...

so I am writing this the best of my knowledge...please add additional information if you know any...

connect the router get 4 slots to connect different computers via lan...

dont use the bsnl wont center guys also dont know how to configure..

open ur internet browser and type and click enter....

enter both username and password as admin.. set up a connection

go to configuration/ internet connection

you will see serval entries, but the first one will be something like pppoe_0_35 or something like that....

click edit at the end...

vpi 0 vci next until you reach a page :
Internet Connection Configuration

Configure Broadband User Name and Password

servicename is dataone
type in username and password given by bsnl....
select always on option...

this way your connection will be always on....otherwise just leave it blank, and dial using the dialer ..

2...wireless settings(wifi)....

go to wireless network under configuration on the left...

select enable wireless network...

SSID : give anyname u want.(for example prabhu1729)
this is the name you will see in the wireless devices when u try to connect to the net
you will see prabhu1729 in the list of wifi routers...then you have to enter the password you will give below...

Select Security Option: wpa mixed mode (you can use others, but this is more secure)

Select Authentication Method: psk

type in ur choice of password and confirm.....

go to MAC ADDRESS the same page of wireless network....

Select MAC Auth : disable is best option

otherwise enter the mac address of all your wireless devices

3...setting static ip address(this is not a good idea coz it will reduce ur security online, but some softwares need a static ip address, for example p2p networks. this is not needed for regular internet usage or wifi)

under configuration, left side menu, you will see, DHCP that

...go to advanced settings....

under server pools....

see what the starting and ending ip addresses edit..

under pool ranges,

remove the last ip address by selecting one less than the last ip address...

for ex. - you enter, end ip address as, and use 1.17 as ur static ip address from ur control panel/network and internet connections/network connections /properties/internet protocol(tcp/ip)/properties/
use the following ip address/
there u can set as ip address, as subnet mask and as default gateway...

dns server is also

4...port forwarding...(you only need this for p2p softwares and such, not needed for regular usage or wifi)

go to security / portforwarding.....
click add , and enter ip address which u selected in the above procedure... ( at the Forward to Internal Host IP Address:

enter the port you want to open in all the fields... and apply

5...Updating the firmware of the router...(not required to make it work, but improves performance)

download it here this file and self care kit will not be added in your download quota by bsnl... self care kit is the same thing you get in the bsnl wont work...just download the cpe firmware upgrade...~3mb

instructions are given in the file...if u update ur router, it will work better...otherwise sometimes you will get disconnected...

5...DNS(if you are having problems browsing like slow loading or webpage not found)
In your network connections
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
start/control panel/network and internet connetions/network connections/local area connection which you are using to connect
right click/properties/tcp-ip/ ok and close

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first section,second configurations on understand ,but next configuration are doubt
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Hello prabhu,

I have BSNLTeracom type II router-modem which take input from phone line rj11 port. It also has 4lan ports. I want to connect one of the 4lan ports with rj45 cable provided by my current ISP. Basically I just want to use the existing BSNLTeracom as any other wifi router. Can ayou please help with the settings in detail as I am not very good at these tech settings

Thanks in advance.
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May 4, 2014 at 07:01 AM
This is a different issue, please begin a new topic
thanks prabhu, I was not able to do it for a long time. Now its working good.

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thanks a lot............
Thanks da I got it
Thanks...It worked