No Default Gateway with Vista, no internet

towerace - Nov 4, 2008 at 08:37 PM
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Have an HPm8200n, one day my integrated LAN stopped working, bought a linksys ethernet card and connected alright, but was really slow. Found that the card did not support vista (but could still connect, like I said, just slow). Switched to a Netgear PCI card, could not connect at all. Put the Linksys card back in, still couldn't connect.

Determined that when I go to ipconfig, I have a default gateway that is blank. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. I've done the hardware check, the network diagnosis, etc. etc. Talked to some IT guys at the office (I'm obviously not too harware literate), said it sounded like the motherboard was bad (considering the onboard LAN had gone out first). But the PCI expansion slots work, just not with an ethernet card. It says in device manager the card is working properly, drivers are up to date, etc.

So I changed out the motherboard (first time, kind of interesting, not too difficult, but I took more time than I probably needed). Changed CPU and everything. Loaded the drivers for the new motherboard, everything is working fine, except of course I have the same default gateway in ipconfig and no internet connection.

I've reloaded windows, did a recovery of the origingal system specs, etc.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I searched some threads and found these instructions fixed my default gateway issue. It seems to be an issue with Windows sp2. What you need to do is open regedit.exe and go to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ System/ Current Control Set/ Services/ Tcpip/ Parameters/ Interfaces. I opened the folder:


Open the value "Default Gateway"

You may notice the default gateway number is on the second line of the window. All I had to do was delete the space above it, putting the gateway on the first line.

After I restarted the computer I the issue was fixed.
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Nov 4, 2008 at 08:45 PM
follow this link to the Microsoft network help site for Vista: (it MIGHT help)
Have you solved your problem?
I have the same issue with my Vista Home Premium laptop and have been working for a while, now it stopped.
I have another laptop at home which is connected and had no issues (this one was not Vista, but XP).
If you solved your problem, could you please help?

Jul 29, 2009 at 06:42 AM

I found this that rekon's there is an issue with IPv6 in Vista - the scenario he describes is exactly what I had occurring; all fixed now :D

...and I was getting hammered for 'tweaking' my girlfriends laptop, when it really was windows!!!

That site has changed, and the above link is 404. The new link:
thanks Vandersteven....i've tried your solution and it worked! i can acces the internet again!thanx a million bro.....but one thing can i know why does that happen????is it caused by a virus????

Thanks in advance
maan can you post the link or the solution again pleasee!!!!