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My computer is running very slow, and times when I am on the net the page will just close down. If I would be in a couple of web pages and close the one that I am looking at it will also close the one that I minimized also. A friend told me to start deleting unneccesary exe files, but how do I know which ones I need and which ones I do not need? Would reformating or taking my system back to the original date fix these problems?

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Start >> Run. a dialog box appears type "msconfig". you will get to the Windows Configuration Utility. at the far right tab named Start up click the tab. You will find the number of programs that start to run automatically. Uncheck the programs and stop them from running automatically. This will not effect the functionality of the system but will make the computer fine. mis-configured RAM can also be the cause but try it first.
Reformat won't be requires yes if in case you feel like backing up your data you can do that but that even won't be required or if you have lost some data i can recommend stellar phoenix for that matter I used it to recover data , but I don't think so that you will require it the solution to the problem is the number of programs running at a time
I took your advice and started to go through all of the registry components. It is a slow process for me as I do not know what many of them are. I am looking each one up and trying to find out if they are needed for start up. I have found several that were linked to adware and have stopped them from running. It has stopped pop ups that were driving me crazy, and the pages do not close down automatically now.
Thank you