CD tray not opening

Partha - Nov 7, 2008 at 06:40 AM
 Stephen J Alex - Oct 20, 2017 at 03:56 PM
My cd tray is not opening.I tried to open it from my computer by pressing eject. It say cd drive is been used by some other program.I used the hole to open with a needle it did not open. Is is a haedware problem or software problem.The light blinks every time I press eject.MY laptop is HP Pavilion dv-2000.I am using Vista Home Basic 32 bit.

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Try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and see if the Imapi.sys prosess is running... if it is kill it and then open the drive

if not you could force open it by shuting down your computer.
look at the cd drive if there is a small hole on it... stick a needle inn and it should open manualy
Today I jammed a CD in my player... In Vista, there is no place to put a paper clip that I can see to eject it. It showed up on the computer as no CD in the drive. What I did was pull the side of the tray open with a thin object (straightened paper clip) and then pried the side whre the cd was open with a butter knife very gently. It came out! Works great now! I tried to call tech support but after holding on for an hour, I decided to do it myself.
Reductito > jackieruby
Mar 7, 2009 at 04:01 AM
I have a windows vist ultimate and when I press the button to manually eject it won't work. It sound as if it is jammed but I don't know how to get inside and see
I was like "Oh No! I dont have a paper clip to eject it manually" but then I read the word "pin". I was like, oh yeah, I have a pin in my home! And success! The pin ejected the CD Drive, and I found that the Drive is not working....

Thanks! It really helped!
just take it out. The drive itself. (safely remove of course) then plug it back in. worked for me
Same thing happened to me. I used thin edge of a paper clip to open it from the outside by pressing down on the bottom of where the cd goes and and using the clip to pull it open. Once you are where the cd goes just slide a butter knife on the side and pull gently.. It should pop open. No problem for me ever since I did that!