My vista will play some cds but not others

confuzed - Nov 9, 2008 at 08:36 PM
 confuzed - Nov 11, 2008 at 02:41 PM
Hello,not all of my cds will register on the computer. for example i was ripping music to my library but some of the cds wont register. it makes noise and vibrates a little but then it says to insert a cd like theres none in there. plz help

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Nov 9, 2008 at 09:55 PM
Try the following, C if that helps.........

Problem: Cannot read information on a CD or DVD.

a. Check all the cables, monitor, keyboard and mouse functionality.
b. Remove the disk and try to clean it with a commercial cleaning fluid or a clean damp cloth.
c. Try to clean the disk drive with a disk cleaning CD or DVD.
d. Try MS-DOS to copy the files from the CD or DVD.

i. Click on Start->Run->Cmd (to start MS-DOS)
ii. Type the command xcopy D:\*.* C:\cdcopy\*.* /v /e (D:\ is the CD/DVD disk drive and C:\ the hard disk drive.)
iii. Stop or Exit from all other applications that maybe taking up too much virtual memory or CPU.
iv. Restart the computer and try again.
v. Restart in safe mode.
vi. Switch the disk drive controller to DMA mode following
vii. For DVDs, unplug any cables that may be connected to the video outputs of the computer.
viii. Update the DVD driver with the latest version of software from the manufacturer's website.
ix. Check that the sound card is compatible with the computer and use a DVD decoder for the drive.
x. For DVDs, reduce the color depth, resolution and refresh rate using the Control Panel->Display options
xi. Exit Microsoft meeting if it is running on the computer.
thx for helping me but i forgot to mention it is a laptop and u were saying things about loose cords and such so i dont know if that changes anything. thx again
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Nov 10, 2008 at 12:25 PM
Sorry, try the following, C if this helps.............

Optical Media Failures in Vista

Problems included optical media issues, optical drive malfunctions and corruption on the files that were being written. Focus errors, Heating errors and buffer "underrun' are some of the reasons for these problems. Also, ATAPI devices with non-optimal connections may have contributed to these difficulties in Optical drive functionality. Firmware that is not compatible with Vista operating system (Microsoft calls it "outdated software" ) may have contributed to the failure of these Write applications. The following steps are recommended:

1. Use high quality optical media that is recommended by the drive manufacturer.
2. Use a DVD-R instead of a DVD-RW
3. Store media safely in a cool and dark place.
4. Use the lowest speed to write to the CD or DVD
5. Make sure that the 'buffer underrun" feature is ON
6. Check that the jumper settings on the drives are correct
7. If you are using ATAPI drives, make sure that the cable you use is 80-pin Ultra DMA 100/133.
8. Update the drive with the latest firmware
thank you soooooo much you r amazing.