Theme change to classic when I boot computer [Solved/Closed]

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I have Windows Vista Ultimate (32 bit) intalled on my computer. Everytime I boot my computer it changes the theme to windows classic theme. I change it back to the windows vista theme. Switch it off and back on and we back where we started... windows classic.

I even deleted the classic theme to stop it fromdoing that, but the same thing keeps happening.
I've tried everything. I dont know what's causing it in the first place. but dont know what to do anymore.
Please help.
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Thank you
When you are at the desktop open control panel>click admin toools>click services>scrol down to the Ts and right click themes and click properties>click start and there is a dropdown tha says manual make it say automatic then hit ok

Thank you, sperlikme 44

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Mine is already set to automatic. UGH!!!
Really helpful. I appreciate that....!!!
And of course Thanks a lot...
Thank you very much
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thanks a lot...
really i was in big tension with this...
now i am computer is now running ok....
i go with your way and found it in start mode...then i stopped it and start it again and it fixed
you can get to services from the start menu - just type in services, type "T" to scroll to that section
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Thank you
Start your windows on safe mode and then restart it and start it normally
Thank you
You can restart the 'themes ' service from the services fine for me
What would make is happen? Does anyone know?
It is the same process as given above. you can simply got to sevices> Themes
At the left, a column appears. Click the Restart option.
Thank you
Try uninstalling latest installed updates...this should fix the issue