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I have an intel core 2 duo processor .. I want to format my pc an d when I go to my bios settings .. I can se the "Advanced BIOS Features" and when I press enter on it I can see another screen which shows first option as "Hard Disk Boot Priority [Press enetr]". below it has options as "First Boot Device" "Second Boot Device" "Third Boot device" which has values HDD, HDD, CD-ROM RESPECTIVELY.. THEIR VALUES CANNOT BE CHANGED.... I want to change my first BOOT device to cd-rom.... I could not change that.... I got to know that it has been disabled... I want to enable it so that I could boot from my cd- rom...
please help me to solve this problem....

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Click start, then run, type msconfig, and hit enter.
Go to the boot section, choose the system you want as default, and restart, simple as that.
OK so how do I change my boot order if the +, -, pg up and pg down, arrow up and arrow down do not work at all. Right now my hard drive is currently set to 3rd Master on the Boot Priority and I want to make it first. By the way my computer wont boot up period. When I try to boot it, it goes to the a black screen with a ~_~ flashing in the upper left hand corner. From what I'm seeing my computer doesn't have any name for my hard drive.

I figured out that according to what I saw my (HP C:) is still intact but it just will not boot up. I'm confused why if for some reason if I ruined something on (HP C:) because when I was installing the Disk from reason #1. it installed all the drivers that where on my laptop and also some Dell stuff when my computer is actually HP. My computer is Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit operating system.

The reason why I'm guessing I'm having these problems would be because:
1. I put a Dell Reinstallation DVD Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Version 2005 with Update Rollup 2 into my computer


2. Formatted the "New Volume J" which was my sencond partion of my HDD (Hard Drive Disk) which I had Linux/Ubunto on it before. I also used it to store stuff on as a secondary storage device for If my (HP C:) were to ever get full.
I used "space" to change it
The simplest way I did it was to go into TERMINAL and type sudo gedit /etc/default/grub. You make your changes to the menu that comes up, such as boot order and time out. Make your changes, hit the X as you depart the menu, hit save and you'll go back into TERMINAL and type sudo update-grub and you will have changed your boot order.
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Did you try to use the + or - keys to change the order?
Hey friends I have newly purchased Intel DG31GL .. when I started it .Computer was restarting went into Bios Menu to change the Priority ,,there I found 1st boot device as CD ROM 2> HDD(but my Segate HDD name was not Mentioned) and all .. so I started selecting HDD as 1st boot device using Array key + Enter but I was unable to change the Order .. can any1 help me out of this .. please its really needfull ...

thnks in advance

i tried to change my boot order in my BIOS but a massage appears saying "View only' and I dont know what to do plz help me