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migrator - Nov 27, 2008 at 09:48 AM
 claude - Aug 23, 2011 at 07:43 AM
think have same problem as aisha -
have just moved from pc to mac (os x 10.5.5) using firefox as browser
although can just about load homepage / top page / login page of
facebook + googlemail + foxmarks + +
cannot get any further (eg. into my inbox on facebook, or sync-ing foxmarks, or my messages on googlemail) and when try to contact relevant support forums message doesn't reach them (currently writing this on pc to avoid problem)
i've only had this mac for a week, and i LOVE everything else about it, but this problem is really getting to me. have tried "clearing private data" inc. cookies in firefox, using safari (error messages for eg. facebook home, so worse), checked all network & broadband settings (inc. DNS) but 2 x pcs on same network work fine using firefox, even under guidance going into network interface, tcp preferences and switching off automatic ipv6
suspect there may be more people with this problem than appear online like this as reporting it is so difficult!
please help
thanks in advance

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Okay, so after a fresh OS install and a browser update, things seem to be pretty stable with Facebook and my gmail. Seems to me it was a system thing on my end. What I did was i first ran Onyx and cleaned up the preferences and caches. Then I booted from the Mac OS DVD that came with my system and reinstalled the system, keeping everything on there but the core Mac OS. After that, I optimized with Drive Genius and this seemed to work well after that.

If you haven't done any system maintenance in a while or updated your browser, i'd suggest doing both. It seemed to work for me.
OMG! i am having the same problem it's so slow to respond i thought it was my internet until i tried safari which is extremely responsive and fast. Any solutions i am running firefox 3.5
I seem to be having the same problem with Facebook and with Gmail on my MacBook Pro in a variety of browsers. Although i was able to use Safari to check my gmail account, the overall problem seems to have gotten worse. Now, my normally reliable connection to Facebook automatically quits out after the "pinwheel of death" thinking browser icon stops spinning when i use firefox. This never used to happen. I'm wondering if something got corrupted somehow. I'm not sure if it's a Firefox or Facebook problem, but by shutting off the Shockwave extention in Firefox i've been able to work around it. Problem is, I NEED that plugin to view any video content, so i'm not sure what i'm going to do.

For me i'm thinking it is a system wide glitch since not only is fireworks now having problems, but Safari and Flock don't seem to want to load my FB content either.

If i make any more progress at diagnosing the problem, i'll let you know.

I am having the same problem also.. i have a new mac and i cant use facebook or hotmail because they never finish loading... this is driving me crazy because i dont know what to do please help me out..

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Facebook page does not load at all - having same problem.
I have been having the same problem with not being able to load on my mac facebook and gmail
I'm not sure if this will help but the exact same problem has been occuring for Windows users XP/Vista/W7 and the problem for the majority of people lies in the extensions/addons.

For most people on windows it's the Skype extension. I recommend either disabling or uninstalling the Skype extension if you have it, your other option is to try each of your extensions systematically until you cure the problem.
this worked for me.
I've the same problem, but i'm using google chrome. i read all of the comments, and i've been trying to fix my problem, but it didn't fix !!
after a lot of time trying to fix, i did clean to the history, after that everything fine. i went to Chrome icon in the top of my screen and chose Clear Browsing Data. I hope it works with you guys :)
I am also having this problem. I am using an Ibook G4 (not this computer) and am unable to click on statuses or comment to anything. the steps above cannot be completed in the version of OS X running on the laptop as those menu selections do not exist where the above comment says
same problem new MacBook Pro, Facebook - playing mafia wars is a killer...pages take forever to load; was thinking there is a memory leak....but now that i see others with the same problem not so sure...