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There are more and more video editors that are easy to use and yet deliver professional results. Among them is InShot, a seemingly simple editing program to create audiovisual content of the highest quality using filters, emojis, and many other options. Designed to bring the most out of your creations and tailored to be used on social media, you will quickly become the next person that people will follow.

What is InShot?

InShot is a groundbreaking all-in-one video editor, video maker, and photo editor featuring all the professional tools you need. It provides everything you need to record or edit video and add music, transitions, text, effects, and much more, so you can publish your content right on social media and look like a real pro.

What are the key features of InShot?

  • Video editor: InShot allows you to record and edit videos as it features all you need to compose what you want, including trimming and cutting videos to split one video into several clips, lossless merging videos, cropping videos, adjusting the ratio and speed throughout the footage, reversing, and making photo slideshows.
  • Advanced video editor: If you want to tune all the advanced parameters, InShot can give you control over much more advanced ones. You can add keyframe animation to text, use Picture-in-Picture (PIP) to add video and photo layers above your clip, make collages, and blend your video even more efficiently.
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  • Filters and effects: Using all the available filters and effects, you will add a pinch of magic that makes the difference, including filters like glitch effects, stop-motion, RGB, image parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and more, and stunning transitions to combine your clips.
  • Music and sound effects: Of course, you can add InShot featured music or your own. You can also pimp your videos with many sound effects, add voice-overs, and tune all the music and sound-related parameters.
  • Text & Stickers: Bring more fun to your creation by adding text to your videos and photos, animated stickers, emojis, and memes, and editing them to fit the atmosphere you want to create.
  • Photo editor: Take or edit your photos and bring them to the next level with the photo editor. You can add background to your photos, stickers, and memes, create photo collages in many stylish ways, and more.
  • Share: You can control the video ratios depending on the social media you choose, including 1:1 for Instagram, 9:16 for TikTok, and 16:9 for YouTube. Once everything is like you want, you can export the video or photo to the resolution you wish (4K and 60fps are supported) and share them with others on social media.
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How to use InShot?

  1. Once InShot is installed and launched, you can start recording videos and editing them for stunning content.
  2. You can also learn a lot by consulting online tutorials.

How to install InShot on your PC?

Officially, InShot is an application designed to be used on mobile phones. Luckily enough, there is a trick to get this application to work on a computer. Simply download the ZIP file offered on this page and decompress it. In this file, you will find the InShot Android APK file, the Android emulator software BlueStacks, and all necessary installation instructions.

Is it free?

Yes, you can use InShot for free, but you can also access all the features and remove ads by purchasing the InShot Pro plan.

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