How 2 get PS3 wireless connection 2 internet?

addy - Nov 28, 2008 at 10:41 PM
 slammit_269 - Mar 7, 2013 at 10:35 AM
i keep on trying to get wireless internet to my ps3. my bro. keeps on saying u have 2 have a wire but its wireless DUH!! how do I get wireless conection on my ps3?

please HELP!!
by: ADDY
PLZ HELP!!! Xinfinity

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you go to settings scroll down to the bottom go to network settings then go to internet connection settings go to easy, then you'll see something that says scan. click on scan and it should connect to an access point. if it does keep going to the right untill it says test connection. once you've done that you got internet on yo ps3
OK, here's where my problem starts. It recognises my local router by name and number and asks for security code, which I do have and use on my pc. However, win I enter it The screen images do not mach the instructions and I get a Green Line that pusles from each end, Can you help?
I have added my vote to the ANSWER bringing it to 17. This definitely works, exactly ass you stated. Good looking out "yo mama"
sorry about the misprint on my previous comment "didn't mean to type "ass" I meant to type "as". my bad lol
What if it says failed
i tried this and it keeps saying... the attempt to obtain an IP address timed out. so what do I do now? I have internet on my laptop with fair signal, but it wont even try to connect with my ps3.
First you have to connect to an access point and it has to be a free one otherwise you will need authorisation if you got a 20g ps3 this does not have wifi capabilities ..... only the 40g and 80g...... if you have no access point around you then you got to contact your telephone company and pay for it.