Dell Inspiron Laptop shuts down

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My Dell Inspiron Laptop shuts down whenever i open online videos. At first i thought i was having the problem only in youtube videos but it also happens in other sites. It only shuts down when you open an online video like in youtube. I think it's almost a month when i had this brand new with no problem at all then just last week i started experiencing this. By the way it's on Windows 7. Can you help me please?

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Hi there,

When loading those websites for video ,is the temperature normal or overheated?please confirm.

Thank you for the reply! but i don't think it's because of the temperature. Even just as I turn it on and then go to the website immediately it still hangs up. It doesn't literally shuts down because I can there is still power (the power indicator is still lighted) but there is no display at all and even sound. So I have to restart it by pressing the power button.