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 nasanni -
need help. voice call in yahoo messenger 10 is not working. already tried to reinstall but still the same problem. tried in other pc too

i knew that there was a problem in th site last june 30 coz there was a message posted but now, the message is gone but its still not working.

informatio will be apppreciated

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There are many reasons for which the Voice Call button is/becomes grey, so inactive. The main reason is the team of software programmers Yahoo has these days. I had the same problem. Voice Call worked fine until one day I just found it grey. Skype worked fine. The "Setup Video and Voice" test was fine, still no Voice Call capability. In my case, it turned out that the YIM changed randomly the connection type. Go to the command bar, Messenger/Preferences/Connection. By default you see the "Connect directly to the Internet" check. However, it might be an illusion, the YIM might actually work with the "Connect via a proxy server" option. Check willingly the "Connect via a proxy server" option, then Apply. The check back the "Connect directly to the Internet" option and Apply. Indicating the correct type of connection (Dial-Up, Broadband, High-Speed) might help. This solution solved my problem. I hope it'll help those many user facing it.
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Thank you Sore
Changing from "Connect via a proxy server" to "Connect directly to the Internet" under Connection at Preferences worked for me!!!! Thanks
Hi Dear

If you are in UAE, Etisalat has blocked Yahoo Voice n Video calls