Connected, but can't use IE

 Navidad_98 -

I got up this morning and started up my computer and I cannot surf the net. I know I am connected to the internet as the other computers in the house running on the same router are working. I can also log in to my poker sites and play there...but get an, "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

I run XP SP3. I have tried every other fix I can find on this or any other thread including the dns dumps, IP release/renew, uncheck the LAN box, scanned and removed malware, removed Norton Internet security 2010....literally everything I can find and the problem persists.

Also, my windows changed format from the xp (rounded edges) to the classic edges and I did nothing to start this.

Losing my mind. Help me out here if you can!

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I am having the same problem, did any one fix this?