Cannot select 'open' as option - hotmail

 bendaninc -
I do not have option to "open" a file within HOTMAIL (such as '.pps' or '.wmv'), can only select "save"... are my setting incorrect?

Thanx to whomever can help me. bendaninc

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Hi bendaninc,

Do you have Microsoft office installed on system?are you a limited user?or administrator on the system?

I have XPand IE8, and both Sun OpenOffice3.2 and MS OfficePP2003.

The issue is when i click on an attchment in Live Hotmail email, the selection window DOES NOT offer "OPEN" as an option; I can ONLY select "SAVE" or "CANCEL" - my guess is that there is a program blocking the operation.
P.S.: I am the Adminidtator.