Checking for multiple words (text) in a cell

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In excel 2007 I need to tweak the follwing formula:


So that it will look for multiple words, such as "STEAKHOUSE" "DINER" "APPLEBEES" etc.

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I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I use excel to balance my checkbook and I created this formula to categorize each of the transactions so that I can track my spending better. The formula has three categories: Drinks, Restaurants, and Fuel. in this example the formula is looking at cell N69 and it searches for multiple key words or phrases to determine which category the transaction goes in.

=IF(ISERR(SEARCH("coke",N69)),IF(ISERR(SEARCH("gas",N69)),IF(ISERR(SEARCH("wendy's",N69)),NA(), "restaurants"),"fuel"),"Snacks")

In N69 I typed "Walmart- coke & chips - $3", so M69 displays "Snacks"
If i had typed "Chevron - Gas" M69 would display "Fuel"

to add another category or extra key word you want to find, insert
"IF(ISERR(SEARCH("chips",N69)),NA(), "Snacks")" where "NA()" is.

Hope it helps.
Thank you

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