My laptop won't start normally

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Okay, so this started last night when I went to turn on my laptop, I did everything I usually did but when I went to check on it the screen only had the loading background - you know how when you turn on your computer sometimes it comes up with the image to click on and enter your password and stuff?, that never happened. It says 'Please wait...' then about half an hour later when I go back it's just this background. When I restart my computer I can only open it in 'safe mode', I've already tried 'System restore' and taken it back a bit, but that hasn't worked it's still not working. And thing is I don't have it connected to the internet, so the only way to get a virus would be from my usb, but so far no other computers have picked up anything on my usb or the files I have on my usb.
I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with my laptop. Please help.

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To fix the problem, I must have a Hyjacthis log.

Please download, install and request a scan and save a log. Copy the log and post it here.

Thank you

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i think it is avirous cause so formate c drive /instal operating system . if there is not another way. thanks
Hi have you tryed taking you batter out then hold the power butten down for about 60 secens then plug in the manes power then try to start it. give that a go the same thing happen to mine and thats how i fixed mine good luck Jason