Router/internet problem

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 Unite66 - Jul 16, 2010 at 03:01 AM
I recently reset my D-Link router, however I now cannot connect to the internet directly or wirelessly and it is very frustrating. What is a way to fix this?

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Try the obvious check your cables then if that dosnt work go on your computer to control pannel veiw network status and tasks delete every connection thats set up.
This may include your home network of computers. Once thats done resett up the connections via wireless network connection. simply scan and connect.

For this to work make sure your d-link has all green lights, icluding if you have dsl or cable like me the modem has all green to. If you have a problem with the lights or want to make sure your modem and router are connected properly do this. turn all of it off or unplug either way.including (modem, router, computer,) Now plug in modem, wait for all green lights, next connct your d-link/ turn on, wait for all green, now turn on computer
and scan for connection. this should work wishing you best of luck.