Creative SB Live! 5.1 Problem

 Shadow -

I Have been having a Issue with my Microphone, every time I Call someone on Skype or any other application, Everyone hears whats going around my house very clearly, its like its over powered or something, Also they can hear whats going on in my pc, for an example if i get an error they hear it loud and clear. so.. Im not sure what am i suppose to do.

I have tryed the properties, and still ended up with the same issue.

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Dear Sir,

If they hear everything clearly, I do not see where the problem is. Nevertheless, if you can't hear them however, please get through your headphones' configuration set up to have the matter cleared up.

Thanks in advance.
No the problem exactly is that they can hear me really perfect, but the minus is that they hear everything i do on the pc like if i turn on the music they hear it really loud, have i mentioned that my volume is Wave/MP3 in one bar'?