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Pokémon TCG Live stands as the successor of Pokémon TCG Online and keeps delivering a fantastic experience through epic battles and card collections in a very polished Pokémon universe. So no matter whether you are a new player or a veteran, you will enjoy memorable Pokémon moments with your friends and maybe compete against the best players worldwide.


  • Fight and compete: Throughout your adventure, you will carry many battles against AI-based opponents and real fighters when you feel your skills are honed enough. You will live a thrilling experience, complete quests to level up, unlock rewards, and discover new content through a new Battle Pass.
  • Accessible: Depending on your mood or level, you can play Casual mode to relax and have fun playing at your own pace, but you can also step into the Ranked Ladder and climb through the leagues to become one of the best players and unlock exclusive rewards.
  • Build your decks: Open Booster packs or earn cards to build your very unique, powerful decks. You can innovate and create any card combination you want and find new ways to play. Also, you can easily access all your cards in your dedicated Card Library to easily find the cards you want using filters and sorting functions.
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  • Currencies: Three main currencies are available, including Coins to purchase cosmetic items (avatar items, deck boxes, card sleeves, and coins), Credits (when you receive a card you already have 4 times, the card is converted into credits you can use to purchase specific cards without relying on Booster packs), and Crystals (to get Booster packs, pre-constructed decks, and card bundles).
  • Customization: You can customize your avatar's look and choose among hundreds of accessories, hats, sandals, poses, catchphrases, skin colors, haircuts, and more. That's pretty cool to look the way you want.
  • Migrate your collection: If you already have an account on Pokémon.com Trainer Club, like for the Pokémon TCG Online game, you can directly migrate your collection to Pokémon TCG Live. However, if you transfer your account during the testing period, you will no longer be able to log in to Pokémon TCG Online.
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Graphics and sound

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live is powered by the Unity game engine and offers beautiful, finely-composed Pokémon-style graphics, effects, and animations. Also, all the sound part of the game offers very satisfying OST and audio feedback that successfully make your journey more immersive and friendly.

Duration and game modes

Pokémon TCG Live offers single-player and multiplayer game modes you can play for dozens or thousands of hours depending on how hard you want to hone your skills, find new strategies, and climb to the top of the competition.

  • Casual: The casual mode lets you play matches at your own pace, which is useful for mastering all the game mechanics.
  • Ranked: This is the competitive mode where you can become one of the best players in the game and climb through the leagues. The Arceus League is waiting for you, but only those powerful enough will manage to make it.

What do the reviews say?

Pokémon TCG Live has no official rating yet, but it has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Age rating

Pokémon TCG Live has been rated for Everyone.

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