My iPod nano wont turn on!!! [Solved/Closed]

my ipod nano wont turn on and it dosen't appear on itunes what do I do?? this has happened 4 times already!
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hey I had the same problem if the screen is black I think this is 4 a 5th generation one just hold the menu and center button for about ten seconds good luck x

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omg that does work thanks
thank you thank you thank you!!!
Thanks for the info, worked a treat.
can u tell me how to solve it if corrupted plz
many thanks
> eiffel65 -
Eiffell start your own thread if this didnt solve your issue.
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Hi ,
I need help with my Ipod. It was working in the morning when I charged it. Hours later it wont work. Its nothing but a black screen. Can you help me. Thanks
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my I pod 80GB wont turn on I charge with the usb and it wont turn on tell me why
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thanks, this worked. my ipod has done this twice
thanks so much this worked for me aswell. I was shitting myself for a minute there :)
lots of thanks bro my I Pod turned on
Thank you
oh my god thanks sooo much
great advice, worked a treat thanks
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thanks you are a life saver!
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i love yyyyyyooooooouuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks :]
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All you have to do is reset your Ipod nano. Slide the hold button to the right, than put it back to the left. Then hold the center button 'till you see the apple.
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It Miqht Be OVER Charqed, Juss Let it Sit For An While
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Thank you so so much..
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how do u fix it
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yay yay yayayayay thank you