CPU starts but monitor display no signal [Solved/Closed]

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I have a problem on my computer. few days before the computer runs normally and now this day when I turn it on the monitor displays "no signal" the cpu fan is working fine, the videocard fan is also working fine, the casing's fan is also working fine but the monitor's LED just light in blue then after a few sec it turns to orange and displays "no signal" I don't know what happen or what could b the problem. I tried swaping the memory card with my new one but still don't work. I unplug keyboard, Mouse and Harddisk but stil displays no signal. if I remove the memory card from the slot it beeps which means the memory card slot is working fine. Please someone could help me with this problem.

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Thank You and More Power (but my computer has no power) ^_^

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Oct 31, 2010 at 11:47 PM
Thank you
just remove the cmos battery from the motherboard and put it again after applying some friction on it and the problem will be solved automatically.
i tried and it works also , dont forget to clean your RAm also in this case.

Thank you, abhijeet pandey 109

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wow,thanx...it work perfectly.
Superb help buddy. My system is running now. I felt that it was dead. This little tip of yours helped me and I am not going to buy a new pc.

May the Al-Mighty bless you.
Clear CMOS rubbed RAM change over slots..keyboard connected but no power
Thank you so much
thanks buddy,
i just removed one ram and problem solved
Thank you
So what is the main cause of this error? where that error came from? how to avoid that error?
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Jul 20, 2010 at 11:22 AM
Thank you
Hi there,

Remove the video card and clear copper plated surface with some alcohol then seat back in slot ,if no response then you will have to replace it with new one,.

Thank you
check smps ,battery
Thank you
clean the motherboard.. and this problem solved 90%, do it.