Monitor, mouse, and keyboard don't work [Solved/Closed]

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im having a problem with my system, and I was wondering if anybody can help me out with this.
Everything was working last night, and right after I connected my phone into the USB , my desk top screen went black and the mouse, keyboard, and even the DVD player stop working. The fans and the light is on and running but nothing else work. I've tried and clean the memory and video card, also bought a new power supply but still doesn't solve the problem. BTW it's an Asus M2N-2 motherboard.
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Thank you
i have the same problem too.
but I fixed it.
k listen.
1stly,unplug your PSU(Power Supply Unit),
then clean the dust in the PSU.
and plug in back your PSU (make sure you remember the plug is placed)
sry my english so bad,kinda low of knowledge in english.
well, I hope this will help you fixed your problem.

Thank you, Ikmal 16

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help plz I tryed that thousands of times nothin happen my old pc now looks like it is new but nothin plz help : (
actualy 2 computers are using 1 pwer surce and the apple is fine
thankfulperson - Mar 7, 2017 at 05:11 PM
i kiss u
Thank you, worked a treat. Never thought to disconnect the power supply. Had previously only tried rebooting. Didn't even have to clean the PSI
Thank you
I had the same problem and the following fixed the problem:

Since your USB keyboard & mouse doesn't work, you'll have to use one of the following to access the computer:
1. Use a PS/2 kbd & mouse.
2. Use a remote login session (assuming that you've enabled Remote Desktop previously).

Now remove & reinstall USB devices as follows:
1. Click Start, click Run, type sysdm.cpl in the Open box, and then click OK.
2. Click the Hardware tab.
3. Click the Device Manager button.
4. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.
5. Right-click every device under the Universal Serial Bus controllers node, and then click Uninstall to remove them one at a time.
6. Restart the computer, and then reinstall the USB controllers.
7. Plug in the removable USB storage device, and then test to make sure that the issue is resolved.
There's a problem with your fix here Wuu. If your screen is blank there is no way to access anythign helpful to reinstall. I have the exact same problem right now, the power button on the main HDD turns and so does the card reader near the bottom of the tower. The problem though is that the DVD Drive, the Monitor, and anything supported by USM doesn't turn on. I myself am not a computer hard ware type but it seems that I will start to learn as I slowly fix this computer.
i tried cleaning the PSU and still having the same problem
But the DVD eject and the fans in the pc works properly
had this problem today . did the unplug and plug + clean around some dust and now it works perfectly Thanks for the tips
Thank you
ive also tried and change a new CMOS battery but still doesn't work. is there any chance my dvd player is busted ? cause it can't even eject, but if I plug my power supply into another cd player then it works. there are no beeping sounds when I turn the system on. I just got this built not even a year ago =(
I had the same problem and did the same thing your doing now, peice by peice building a new computer. I finaly got it going last night. It was the prossesor, from checking the internet and asking others it seems that when the prossesor goes bad your computer will still fire. The problem seems to be it gets stupid comes on and doesn't know how to speak. worked for me after building a new computer peice by peice hope your experience is less costly.