Problem with my compaq laptop presario v6000

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Monday July 19, 2010
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July 20, 2010
 jay -
hello, I have a problem with my laptop compaq presario v6000 I turned it off , tried turning it back on it wouldn't start up. the screen is blank, the lights (the blue lights) on the keyboard are on,but they keep going on and off, as they turn back on there is the normal clicking sound coming from the cd drive like its about to boot, but then it just goes off again. I tried a few things other people advised me to do, like turning off my computer, removing the battrey, holding the on botton for thirty second and then turning it back on with just the power pluged in, and then putting back the battrey. But nothing works. tried removing the hd put it back on still nothing, just the lights going on and off. no one seems to know whats wrong with, if u have an idea of what the problem might be please advise....

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Dear Sir,

Please get the problem solved by getting through the below steps.

Thank you.
same problem with my laptop kindly help