How to restore my COMPAQ computer?

 2002 -
I am trying to restore my COMPAQ computer back to factory settings... I don't have a CD and do not care about losing files. I just want it back to as if I just got it out of the box.. Help

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I have a similar desire to the guy that asked the original question but it not clear to me what the difference is between boot from the recovery disks or just pressing F11 and doing a 'restore to factory settings option'.

Are these two things the same, if not, how do they differ?

Advice would be great, thanks!
on my compaq, as you boot up you push the f11 key. It restore it back to factory settings

Hi there,

you need to create the recovery files,press start,programs,Compaq,recovery disk creator.After creating recovery disk boot from it and recover your system to factory default.