I am in seroius need of help with trojan, vir

mm22005 - Dec 6, 2008 at 02:20 PM
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Okay I really, really need someone's help to make a long story short
I moved to pa after my house burnt down in Arizona I am trying to get on my feet here. I have no cash and no resources what so ever when I came here.
My mother and father have a dell computer there cd/dvd drive doesnt work and
so I have a cd/r with a program on it I needed to install on their computer so that I could use my program to open all my documents I made in Arizona. I thus went onto myspace and people told me to go to this site or that site and try to download a copy of the program I am using.
Well now my life is a horrible mess. I went to piratebay.org I have some kind of malware, trojan, bug virus you name it. There was something called (interval hehehe) that would pop up so I system restored to a earlier version and now....
Everytime I when I log onto microsoft internet explorer there is a screen that pops up with microsoft security center and it wont let me go to any other page. it forwards when you click it to www.antispy.com. I cannot get on google to google anything, I cant log onto my email from yahoo it wont connect, myspace or nothing. I had to go to the library to get on here :( So thus I went to another forum and they said to download malwarebot, maleware bytes etc. so I did and it said it would guarantee to take off all bugs etc., but after it runs it course they try to charge 40.00 that I dont have. I used to have
2 operating systems xp and vista but they burnt up in the fire. So thus I tried installing a freeware program called "A squared" (emsisoft.com/en/software/free)
that is free and guarantees to remove everything and anything and that did not work The A square program is finding a bunch of them but when I delete
them or I quarantine them they come right back... and the same microsoft message comes up.... I have tried mcfee virus scan, adaware, I have even tried microsoft malicious malware download tool (http://www.microsoft.com/security/malwarer...e/default.mspx
Then I used pcpitstop exterminate that supposedly finds the file and the file it showed me was (trojan-psw.win32.agent.ani)
But again to remove it it will cost me 40 bucks.
1. I dont have the money as I am looking for a job right now i just got here 4 days ago 2. I need the computer to do my resumes, my fliers my work etc. so I am completely stuck out can some one please help me.
THE OTHER PROBLEM IS WHEN I DO GET SOME MONEY...... What will work? Do I have to Buy another operating system and re install it or is there such a free - ware program that will take this crap off? Or what program can I buy when I get some money to guarantee it will take it off? If I have to break the news to my parents and tell them i accidently broke their computer that is fine but I dont want to look like a ideot when I reassure them i will fix it and take 30 to 50.00 and get some program and it does not fix it....

What a predicament
I am in...... any suggestions....

I even thought about trying to just buy a REAL COPY OF WINDOWS XP ON EBAY AND THEN RE INSTALL THE WHOLE SYSTEM.....
I dont know.....

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Dec 6, 2008 at 02:48 PM
I tried AVG AntiVirus and it worked wonders with those crappy trojans. I think you should forget about those freeware programs and use your hard earned money to buy something that will work out wonderfully for you in the future. *NOTE* This is just my suggestion to you.