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 Bobbie -
Hello, Hi I have a Fujitsui Seimens laptop which was not letting me access internet put in for repair guy said wiping all from it was solution, I was able to access the internet and everything was fine for a while. Now I cannot access internet, print any documents or edit from my memory stick helppp.

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Try this 1

Right click on the "Internet Explorer" icon --->Click on "Properties"---> Click on

"Connections" tab-->Click on "LAN settings" button. In that window uncheck all

the options, if you notice any option selected. Check your firewall also.

Hello Bobbie ,

Ill advise to make a system restore as well as follow the instructions provided by jack4rall,for instructions please refer to Faq on link below:

Thanks for your prompt reply I will try this tonight when I arrive home and let you know how it goes
many thanks
Hi. I have tried unticking lan settings and also restore system but to no avail still cannot access the internet, print any other suggestions?
regards bobbie

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