Dell Dimension E310 won't boot

 missy -
My Dell Dimension E310 won't boot up today. I get a series of beeps 1-3-2. Nothing shows up on the monitor. I can't diagnose. Any ideas?

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Dell says that's a RAM (memory) issue.

If the beep code is for bad RAM, then that is the thing to check.
Re-seat the memory sticks. Wearing ESD protection, take out the sticks and plug them into slot 0 and 2/ slot 1 and 3.
If you have 2 sticks in a 4 channel motherboard then start at slot 0.
The slots for DDR memory are in alternate pairs on the mother board - 1st of pair 1, 1st of pair 2, 2nd of pair 1, 2nd of pair 2.

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i got an error code #3 and #4 but i checked the ram and its good any ideas??