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I believe I have the att internet contract due to having it since there was the SBC which changed into AT&T now. I was wondering if it would be cheaper to get the wireless router ( I have only einternet cords only router..) and change it to Verizon? or... stay with Att and go wireless which company is better with internet and price please?

when my sister downloads something and it takes away all the bandwidth so basically I'm stuck with no bandwith for my internet....Is there anyway I can solve this problem?

Thank You!

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Hi there,

Well as per the description you gave its better that you make use of a download manager which will increase the download speed of item and also increase your internet speed connection package so that both can browse and download at same time,making use of wired or wireless connection will be the same while downloading and browsing,contact your isp for more information on the upgrade.