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I'm having a big problem, I set up a LAN in my house with my desktop pc and laptop pc both on Windows XP. I also enabled file sharing on both of them. I have shared a folder on the desktop and on the laptop. The problem is that I can access the shared folder of my desktop pc through my laptop pc but I cannot access the shared folder of my laptop pc through my desktop pc. I checked the firewalls on both and none of them are supposed to block the access of computers through a LAN. Please help me.

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As long as both computer and laptop could ping each other and no firewall blocking, you should be able to share files between them. Probably you did not configure file sharing correctly, you could check out this simple file sharing or share file with user/group permission article to help you.
Hi dawooddoe, thanks for replying. I actually found out the problem, it was about something in the registry of my laptop PC that I had to modify:
-restrictanonymous and the value was set to 1 so I had to set it to 0.
Now I can share files between both of my PCs perfectly. Thanks for the tip anyways!