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i want to restrict the access to specific folder on a pc so that my little brother will just stop doing all kinds of stuff to my files . P.S: That this pc running under windows XP,has mutiple users and that I have no administrator rights on it.. :o((
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To have this folder password protected, there's a small utility on windows XP for this purpose or you can have a freeware downloaded on the internet,like folder guard, it can also be used to prevent several login accounts.

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there so many ways of hiding, protecting folders and files on an xp pro box even with one administrator account, but such security depends on the level of skill the other users with whom you use that computer have, for a user like me, your computer and data can never be safe, but try this trick or follow advise from other members coz they are all fine to me

>> click the start button to display the start menu then click on run "the RUN command"
>> at the run command, type CMD, you must be familiar with DOS commands
>> change to the drive of directory where the file or folder you want to secure is located and note the path somewhere for latter reference
>> type attrib +s +r +h then file or folder name and hit the enter key
e.g. C:\documents and settings\abel\desktop\attrib +s +r +h hacker assuming hacker is the folder you want to hide,
to access the contents of this folder, just type the path in the address bar of any open window
but for this technique to be effective these folder options must be set
>do not show hidden files and folders
>hide protected operating system files

how? open any window and click the tools menu, then folder options, then the view tab under advanced settings
Guys, unless you have a DOSphobia(the fear of DOS-command line interfaces and syntax), but i'll bet you, with enough skill and knowledge in using dos and batch programming, even with limited windows account you can do almost everything administrators can do
hey you can make the hidden files not to be hidden because of the folder option even though you use CMD
Thanks Abel. Worked perfectly for me.
many thanks sir abel, sir
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I guess what you're looking for is a way of separating folders from different accounts.
1. You have to logged as administrator.
2. Place the folders you want to be restricted or read only by the specific user into your user name (documents and settings\user name.
3. Right click on under documents and settings and then on the folder you want the info to be hidden. Click on sharing and security and then click on "make this folder private".
shadowphantom - Jun 10, 2009 at 02:35 AM
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put all of your document on my documents and set it as private... none will able to open your document unless using your profiles or your Id. (PS: your hard drive must using NTFS.)