Left side of keyboard working incorrectly [Closed]

 Steph -

The left hand side of my keyboard works, but when I press A for example on screen I get AS as though I've pressed two keys at the same time, this does it for most of the left hand side of my keyboard - after I stupidly cleaned it without turning the keyboard off.

The right hand side works perfectly fine, it's just past the c, d and e part of the keyboard.

I'm currently using a fuji siemens desktop and google chrome


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hello,sorry to say but i think your key board is spoilt might have been caused by malfunction or somekind of subtance most have find it way into the board.
Ah shame, I did need a new one anyway (as my backspace broke rather recently).

Is there any reason why it would be the side that wasn't touched via the hot chocolate and not the side it did touch?

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