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I have a 2 Columns of Data (A) and (B) that provides me with a specific range, and a third column C that provides a corresponding value for that range. Next I have a column D that provides me with a value i have to match within the specified column range A and B to produce Column E. Can I be get some help with a sample Looping code for a macro that can help me generate a sample of column E, assuming that the inputs of A to D could be a variable?

For Eg.

A B C D E(Display Column)
3 4.0 2.1 4.5 3.2
4.1 7.0 3.2 5.3 3.2
7.1 10.0 4.3 3.6 2.1
10.1 11.0 5.5 10.9 5.5

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image of eg can be found at
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You data and you example image does not seem to be same.. Based on your example, you can use

I have found my answer already thanks for the help. XD