My ps3 is not working with playstationnetwork

scott - Sep 19, 2010 at 11:44 AM
 chris - Mar 10, 2011 at 03:36 AM
i have a ps3 and my ps3 is right next our modem and we get wireless internet perfectly but it always says playstation network timed out. i took it over to my friends house and playstaion network worked perfectly. i took it back to my house and it still didnt work. ive tried a eathernet cable but it still did the same thing. what should i do to make playstation network work. can you guys please help me out.


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Im trying to sign up for playstation network connecting through someone elses wireless router but it wont connect to youtube either van anyone help please
You may have to open some ports as your router maybe blocking some of the information needed to allow PSN to work. If there is an error code that comes up when it times out it's porbably best to write it down and ring up PlayStation and tell them the error code and they'll give you solutions. If there's no code it mat be worth ringing up PlayStation still as they still might be able to help.

Hoped this helped and Good Luck!
Yea same here It was working earlier today and now that I have tried it it says error (80710092) which is basically that it wont let me sign in to ps3 network Ive tried turning of my modem for awhile along with my system ive triend disabling upnp and media servers but no luck. I need help also. I have a wirelss connection