I can't open my USB Flash Stick

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Today I put some information on my flash from two computers. On the second computer I try to eject my flash, but I can't and I just pull it out. And now I try to open it on my computer but I can't. Windows is taking a massage. I have two options - Format and Cancel. I click on Cancel and try to open the flash from My Computer, but I can't. :(
Can you help me to open it, because I have important information on it.


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I am sure that you found a way to open your flash memory but I have an answer for whom it has a similar problem.
This problem is related to the FAT(file allocation table) which got corrupted when you had pulled the flash memory out without ejecting it first. So, to recover your data, Try to check disk the flash memory if failed, use a recovery software like "Recover my files" which scans the all flash memory not only the FAT.
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click on my computer then click on folders then coppie your files to your desktop then format your your memory drive by right clicking then click format chose fat file system then click start and wait and wait and wait. its done the click close then try your memory stick again by unpluging it then plugit back in thenput your files back on your memory stick if it works
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I have a bad news for you.. perhaps while exchanging information from one computer to another you have not disable your usb device properly and this has cause some conflict with you Usb flash stick.

Try formatting the flash disk and try saving information again and also make sure to disconnect the usb from windows before removing it from port to avoid any physical damage.


Thanks for the answer!
I'll format my flash and upload the information again. And I will eject it. :)
i huv same scenario. but hows the files? do I retrieve the files in my usb? I huv no back up. pls. help
What you do is if you wanna get your info off it, when it askes you to find the program, go to browse, then go to the WINDOWS folder, then press "e" until it highlights the explorer.exe program. Select it. You have to do that EVERYTIME though, until you format your flash drive. That problem also happens if you use your flash drive with Linux too much, then try to use it with windows... Good luck !
hi I accidently formated my usb when I didn't know what it was but it didn't get to finish and now when I try to open my usb it say's I have to format it... the think is I have imporatant info on it and I can't lose it can you please please help me or give me some advie on where to go... my usb is sandisk
well for all of you that is asking "explorer.exe" try the "Flash Disinfector". I had the same problem with my main hard disk. There are some anti-viruses which deleting this one and the "autorun.exe".
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hello friend,

Just do one thing go to My computer>right click>manage>disk management

select the pen drive there separately and format...... check it again

if it doesnt works then again go to same location select your pen drive and opt for delete logical drive

then again right click to form a new partition or logical drive..... select form a new logical drive and again format it completely..

Note: dont opt for quick format,,, let it format completely.

hope this solves your USB Flash Stick problem,....."

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The USB flash drive has been corrupted, therefore you can no longer open any of the files on the drive..... I know... it's happened to me before.

To be able to use the USB drive again, you have to format it. This will permanently erase the files but there is no other way.